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 Working with a gestalt coach empowers you. Using mindfulness practices, somatic awareness and an experiential and positive coaching model my horse and I will assist you in finding the answers to life's challenges that lie deep within your heart.


Sessions are held with individuals, couples or families. There is no riding involved and this is not horsemanship or horse "whispering." Prior experience of any kind is not necessary and if you have a fear of horses that is okay! They are large and powerful animals and what better way to work through fear than to explore the soulful experience of a horse connecting with your heart.

Phone Coaching is also offered on it's own or in conjunction with an equine session. I offer customized packages to fit your needs and to meet you where you are in life. Phone Coaching is great if you live too far away or if you prefer to work with me from the comfort of your own home 

Women's Connection Groups are held at our beautiful location in Upper Marlboro, MD bordering the Patuxent River. This is a fun way to connect with like minded women  that are also on a healing path.

 We have several upcoming workshops and support groups to include: Lyme Disease support.  .  Join our email list for more information and dates of events and your free 30 minute phone consultation.

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method involves the horse as an active partner. EGCM is a holistic approach and has been proven to assist clients in moving past blocks and obstacles in their lives. Watch this explanatory video below or go to to learn more about EGCM and it's benefits.

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